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Arranged Job Offer for Express Entry in Canada

Arranged Job Offer for Express Entry / Arranged Employment Offer (AEO) is a job offer made by designated Canadian employers to foreign skilled workers, young professionals, trained youth etc seeking Canada immigration under Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP). It is pertinent to note that the Arranged Job Offer for Express Entry enhances chances of eligible candidates having 420 and above CRS points in Express Entry pool to receive Invitation To Apply (ITA). The Arranged Job Offer for Express Entry (or valid job offer) gives them an edge over other candidates by supporting their application to gain extra 50 points on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scale, thus inching them closer towards Canada immigration. Also, the Arranged Employment Offer (AEO) applies to vacancies or jobs in various domains , sectors and industries.

Considered as one of the fast-track mode immigration stream, the eligible candidates having Arranged Job Offer for Express Entry in Canada are later allowed to apply for Canada Permanent Residence (PR) status through Express Entry program.

Overview – LMIA

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is issued to designated Canadian employer after getting approved by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). It is important to note that designated Canadian employer will only receive a positive LMIA if they are able to show that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident are available to perform the specific job or occupation.

The designated Canadian employers can also employ eligible candidates as temporary foreign workers until they receive Canada permanent residency status.

Advantages of Arranged Employment Offer for Express Entry

As per current CRS cut off, candidates who are having 420 and above CRS points can get benefits of Arranged Employment Express Entry (or AEO) like earning bonus points and ease in receiving ‘Invitation To Apply’ through Express Entry stream. This in turn gives weightage to applications of eligible candidates and facilitates the further processing of application in hassle-free manner within specific time frame. In other words, the Arranged Employment Offer (AEO) is an instrumental document that makes interested candidates eligible for immigration in a smooth manner.

What is Arranged Employment Offer (AEO)?

It is a legal route to get arranged employment in Canada. Candidates should know that Canadian employers apply to get Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in the name of candidate (or foreign skilled worker) in order to hire them to fulfil demands of labour markets. In order to help candidates in processing of visa applications, the Canadian employer also issues valid job offer, called Arranged Employment Offer or Arranged Job Offer, supported by LMIA to the eligible candidate. Hence, candidates and skilled workers must get in touch with trusted and reliable immigration consultant such as Dream Worldwide Career to secure Arranged Employment Offer in Canada. It is important to note that different industries and domains require professionals and talented workers for many profiles and positions. The AEO is a boon to such professionals, who feel stuck in the Express Entry pool, due to shortage of certain number of CRS points, and are unable to migrate to Canada.

Key Aspects of Arranged Employment Offer –

As far as Canada Arranged Employment or a valid job offer is concerned, it should have below-mentioned aspects—

→ Must be in writing
→ Must mention name of Canadian employer
→ Must mention certain details such as salary, number of working hours, nature of work or occupation (NOC code)
→ Must highlight employment location

How do Eligible Candidates Get Points for Arranged Employment Canada?

Eligible candidates, having valid job offer or Arranged Employment in Canada from designated Canadian employers, can gain 50 to 200 points, depending on the nature of occupation or job, under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Gaining extra points enhances chances of receiving ‘Invitation To Apply’ in the next draw of Express Entry stream.

Moreover, applications of eligible candidates having valid job offer under FSWP are expedited in six to nine months depending on credentials of candidates. This is how Arranged Employment Offer supports candidates’ applications.

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