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The Australian Migration Journey in 3 Simple Steps!

The Australian Migration Journey in 3 Simple Steps!

1. The Australian Visa

The first step of the immigration journey is a visa. In most cases, you must apply for a visa through an Australian embassy or consulate before travelling to the country. A visa is a travel document stamped on your passport that entitles you to enter, leave or stay in Australia for a specific purpose and period of time. There are several types of Australian visas including visas for tourism, study, work, and business. In Australia, you can easily check the validity and details of your visa with VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online).

2. Step Two: Australian Permanent Residency

Visas are only temporary and do not allow you to live and work permanently in Australia. In order to do so, you must apply for permanent resident status. Note that it is possible to enter the country as a permanent resident, in some cases. While you are changing your status to permanent resident, you may need to apply for a bridging visa so that you are not staying in Australia unlawfully. This type of visa is granted when your visa has expired and you are waiting for a new status.

3. Australian Citizenship

After a period of time as a permanent resident, you may be eligible to become an Australian citizen! This is the final step in the migration journey and provides the most benefits for yourself and your family. Benefits of Australian Citizenship are: The right to vote An Australian passport Less bureaucratic paperwork. You’ll no longer need to apply for a Resident Return Visa every time you travel neither to renew it every 5 years to maintain your Permanent Resident status

Australia, a place that is a continent as well as a country. All those who apply for Australia immigration, they immigrate not just to a country, they immigrate to a whole continent. The name of Australia has been taken from the Latin word Australias, which means southern, legends of an unknown land of the south.

Thousands of immigrants who settle in this country every year and all the locals consider Australia as a “lucky country” which is characterized by its political stability, pulsating economy and a high standard of living that is envied by many. Australia is also popular around the world for its stunning landscapes and among all those who apply for Australia immigration.

Australia is certainly one of the most promising countries in the world to live in and do business. The country certainly has an enviable reputation as it provides premium standard of living.

Thousands of people move through Australia immigration every year to work, study, tour or to live their permanently.

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