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Work permit for Chefs in Canada

Canada is a country which is rich in multiculturalism and people from diverse backgrounds. Hence, the country and its citizens welcome all types of eating, taste, flavours and dining experiences. People from different ethnicities live in different provinces in Canada. For this reason employers seek right and ideal candidates for cooks and chefs jobs in Canada with work permit. In fact, work permit for cooks in Canada is opted by many candidates due to increasing demand of Asian and Indian food and cuisine.

There is a wide range of ethnic restaurants for Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. Qualified chefs and cooks having expertise in preparing different delicacies get many job opportunities in Canada. Canada is the best place for trained and experienced chefs and cooks to migrate with various career opportunities and an incredible variety of restaurants to find employment. Candidates willing to immigrate and get chef jobs in Canada should start with the process of applying for the Canada work permit visa.

What are Types of Work Permit?

In order to migrate to Canada, the government issues work permits to foreign skilled workers, immigrants and professionals in two categories. These categories are — • Open Work Permit – With an open work permit candidates are allowed to work for any employer in Canada, if they fulfil all eligibility criteria for open work permit. • Employer Specific Work Permit – With employer specific work permit, candidates have to work for a specific Canadian employer (who offers valid job offer supported by LMIA) for certain period in a particular location, province or territory.

What Are Eligibility Requirements For Work Permit For Chefs/Cooks in Canada?

Migrating as a chef or cook to Canada with a work permit is possible, if interested candidates meet all eligibility criteria to get cook, chef jobs in Canada with work permit. Some of the basic eligibility criteria are — • Education – Class 12 (minimum) • Minimum work experience of one year in the related occupation • Minimum English language score of 5 bands in IELTS (language proficiency exams) • Police clearance certificate • A written (valid) job offer letter from a Canadian employer • A copy of LMIA should be provided by Canadian employer (LMIA is not required in case of open work permit) • Sufficient funds.

Advantages of Work Permit for Chefs And Cooks In Canada

• According to rough estimate, there were around 4,575 jobs in Canada for cooks in 2020 in various provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and so on.
• According to recent news reports, Job Bank, which is a portal managed by the Canadian government, says that job opportunities for chefs and cooks is expected to increase by 2025 and both profiles will be in great demand with approximately 52,000 to 55,000 job vacancies. It surely means that there is a growing demand of professional chefs and cooks, particularly Indians, in hospitality industry and related sectors.
• Also, there is a huge demand of chefs and cooks, who specialize in specific cuisine and food items like Continental, Italian, Mexican, pastries and baked products etc
• The theme-based restaurants and food chains in Canada are growing in numbers, particularly in every metro city and provinces. Such restaurants and food joints require chefs and cooks to run the business smoothly.
• The average annual salary for a chef in Canada varies from 30,000 to 62,000 (approximately) CAD (Canadian Dollar) per year
• Flexible working hours in many food joints and quick service restaurants
• Chefs and cooks get various perks, bonus and attractive incentives in Canada
• Relevant work experience, education and skill training decides job titles and ranks of chefs in hospitality industry in Canada. A sous-chef can earn between 31,681 and 43,970 (approximately) CAD per year, while an executive chef can earn between 42,841 to 62,937 (approximately) CAD per year.