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Portugal Freelancer Visa

To obtain the Portugal Residence Permit (TRP) as a freelancer, the applicant must show himself as a self-employed professional or occupy a trade function, working for himself in Portugal and registered as such.

For the registration, the applicant does not need to present any job offer, and as such is show as he/she is open to all occupations.


The First Temporary Residence Permit Lasts Through A Period of 2 Years

After the first year, the TRP holder can:

  • Renew the TRP for two successive periods of 2 years.
  • Obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in the 5th year; or
  • Obtain the Portuguese Citizenship in the 6th year.

The Holder of The TRP Is Entitled To:

  • Can work for any employer with a full-time job without changing from the Freelancer visa
  • Family reunification
  • Education and study
  • Work
  • Health care
  • Access to the Law and Justice

The Freelancer Needs To Satisfy A Few Mandatory Legal Requirements As Mentioned Below.

  • Tax Identification
  • Social Security Identification
  • Portuguese Residence Address
  • Portuguese Bank Account

Complete Process Time Frame

Between 9 to 14 months