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Work Permit for Truck Drivers in Canada

The job of truck driving in Canada excites many interested candidates, having prior experience of truck driving in Gulf countries, and those wishing to travel various beautiful cities and places in Canada on a paid journey! Several truck driver jobs in Canada with work permit are increasing in numbers due to shortage of excellent truck drivers, who can go on long haul (routes and journey). It is a known fact that the Canadian truck industry, transport services and freight business require young foreign skilled professionals, trained drivers having experience of truck driving in Gulf countries as well as long haul drivers in order to run travel and movement of products and articles smoothly and efficiently. The Canadian employers always welcome truck drivers having experience of two or more years in Gulf countries, possess Gulf country licence and have clean driving records. The average age of truck drivers in Canada is 48 years, which means that designated Canadian employers seek right and ideal candidates to perform various tasks and duties assigned to truck drivers.

Truck driver work permit in Canada and trucking jobs in Canada are most sought after opportunities in various Canadian provinces. With over 3,000 jobs in Canada currently listed on websites such as indeed, Job Bank and other websites, and the fact that trucking (truck drivers’) jobs in Canada are listed as ‘Essential Services’ in almost every province as well as the territory’s in-demand jobs lists for 2021, this is the best time for eligible truck driver (having driving experience in Gulf countries) to start their Canada work permit visa application and apply to immigrate to Canada in 2021.